Where Your Donation Goes

Golden Anchors Fund

In January of 2014 the SEAL-NSWFF Foundation will launch its most ambitious program to date. Its goal will be to build a Scholarship Fund designed to ensure no active duty Navy SEAL has to make a choice between his children's education and his desire to defend us from our enemies. We have all heard about the exploits of these elite warriors but a little discussed fact is that many are also fathers. Like all parents they want their children to have a good education and a bright future.

While  there are some government programs and scholarships available these programs leave gaping holes that often times force seasoned warriors into making the agonizing choice between country and family. In many cases the key operators (what civilians often refer to as "middle management") make just enough money to disqualify them from many financial aid programs but not enough to put their kids through College.

Our goal is to raise 25 Million Dollars to initially fund the program during 2014 and to begin
in 2015.

NSW Kids

An extensive study conducted by the Rand Corporation has shown that military kids ages 11-14 experience a 15% increase in anxiety and emotional problems over the general population. Approximately 18% of military children require some type of counseling and 1 in 88 military children are diagnosed with Autism. Our NSW Kids program is specifically designed to provide services to active duty families who our facing the emotional and economic strain of caring for their
special needs children.

The stress on NSW Families has been especially acute given the extensive deployments of the SEALs during the past 12 years. Multiple deployments have taken a toll on nay families and we currently have scores of children under care with a goal of providing specialized care and assistance for over
100 families in 2014.

FALLEN HEROES/Gold Star Families

The NSWFF is there to provide timely support to the families in there time of greatest need. Arranging and funding funeral services, moving relatives across town or around the globe, providing for the children, and whatever else is needed to provide comfort and solace to the surviving family members.

Our support continues long after their loved ones are put to rest. Our Gold Star Family initiatives support family trips to the grave site on special occasions, Holiday Parties for the surviving families, assistance with survivor medical expenses whenever needed, special ceremonies to commemorate their loved one, and assistance with private family foundations and memorials.

Wounded Warriors

The NSWFF stands by the warrior and their family throughout the healing process, which in many cases, takes years. Be it financial, spiritual, or medical assistance we help to focus the right mix of services to bring the entire family through the arduous recovery process. Most importantly, we help the family to think outside the box and work with them to find, and when appropriate, utilize cutting edge healing techniques. In most cases neither insurance or the VA will pay for such treatments and we help to fund the cost.

Additionally the Foundation actively supports a number of other programs including The Rosie Network, The Global Spouse Sisterhood, Family Readiness Groups, Graduation Ceremonies, and a host of other programs designed to ensure the warriors and families of Naval Special Warfare stay healthy and resilient in this era of persistent deployments.